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" Well, there are many ways of responding to that invitation, and I regret to say that mine was the most basic – an unedifying whoop of delight, four ungainly cartwheels and a moment of silent contemplative ecstasy. The 7ft 2in basketball superstar Shaq O'Neal trod on my foot in the lift (and yes, of course it still hurts); I passed a small (genuine) office that boasted the title 'Neurotics Anonymous'; and this afternoon I ambled down to the Century City shopping mall to buy some books and found Stevie Wonder sitting in the square singing Superstition at a piano. FRIDAY, August 3Recorded the Tonight show with my fellow America's Got Talent judges The Hoff and Sharon Osbourne. And since he recently got custody of his children he has been on great form. We were instructed to drive to an underground car park two miles from the Mansion, where we found huge ticket check-in lines of pouting scantily clad young "ladies" with peroxide hair, tattoos and pneumatic breasts interspersed with middle-aged blokes sporting bath robes and huge grins on their faces. Which was technically true, as I'd bottled it and gone for some stripey strides and a white cheesecloth shirt.I accepted the invitation, then got a further – rather worrying – email: "The theme is Arabian Nights and the dress code is very strict: pyjamas and lingerie."I haven't worn either for decades… The host, Jay Leno, is the most famous chat-show star in America. " he asked me at the start of a chaotic but amusing three-way interview. I eventually reached the front of the line, where a severe-faced woman gave me a long frowning once-over. "I wear this in bed," I lied."Those pants got a zipper? yes," I admitted."Then they ain't pyjamas, and you ain't going to the party." Disaster was averted by the arrival of Hefner's elderly PA, who took pity on me. Ms Sourface reluctantly went to her car, fetched me a white bathrobe and flung it at me.Free bars serving magnums of vintage champagne and bottles of Jack Daniel's. I moved hurriedly on and (inevitably) bumped into the pop star Lee Ryan from Blue. She was wearing nothing but Agent Provocateur and looking – it must be said – sensational. So I joined a queue with five saucy little minxes wearing Arab veils. I made my excuses, before I had to make my excuses, and left. SPONSORED: With FIFA continually dominating the football franchise, it must be becoming harder for EA Sports to continually polish the game each year.Huge plates of lobster and crab being served by crushingly good-looking waitresses. I interviewed her last year, but was pretty sure she wouldn't remember. "You're that mean Brit judge from America's Got Talent, aren't you? There were, apparently, loads more celebrities lurking in the nooks and crannies. I left at 1am, fending off the "come to the Grotto with me" entreaties from two rather buxom and drunken Texan girls, and clutching some of Hefner's personal headed notepaper that I found in his library. Yet, FIFA 18 has done it once again in stunning fashion.Tilbage i september 2013 stod Kevin Magnussen og Nico Müller begge på podiet efter et løb i Formel Renault 3,5-serien på Paul Ricard-banen i Frankrig.Siden de to badede i champagne efter danskerens sejr og schweizerens andenplads, så er de to kørere kørt i hver deres retning.Se også: Kevin-garanti et nederlag for Ferrari Det vækker normalt opsigt, når der er gridgirls omkring Müllers bil.

A 6ft model in a bikini greeted us with a tray of very strong vodka jellies. "Very much." "And are you going to behave better in future? Say what you like about the man, but he loves his life.Uden for banen mener Müller, at han har niveau til top-fem i DTM. #mood#monday#evening#night#happy#fashionblogger#fit#healthy#food#girl#blond#lips#fitness#fashion#weekend#selfie#handsome#instagood#picoftheday#love#face#photooftheday#goodlife#igers#greece#red#santorini#love Et opslag delt af Victoria Paschold (@victoria_paschold) den Jede Sekunde machst du unbeschreiblich für mich #mood#saturday#evening#night#happy#fashionblogger#fit#healthy#food#girl#blond#lips#fitness#greece#weekend#selfie#handsome#instagood#picoftheday#love#santorini#photooftheday#goodlife#igers Et opslag delt af Victoria Paschold (@victoria_paschold) den #friday#summer#happy#fashionblogger#food#healthy#style#eyes#lipstick#blond#fitness#fashion#twins#evening#weekend#girl#selfie#selfienation#picoftheday#photooftheday#love#pretty#handsome#instagood#instaselfie#instadaily#face#goodlife#igers Et opslag delt af Victoria Paschold (@victoria_paschold) den Se også: Fodboldkonens krav: Udeluk min mand fra landsholdet Se også: Dansk motortalent i dramatisk ulykke: 'Altødelæggende' Se også: Storroser Kevin: Bedre end Ferraris kæmpestjerne Se også: Smider alt tøjet: Er han verdens vildeste fodboldboss?photo courtesy of Webster PR A Quick Chat with Meat Loaf Mike Ragogna: I think the first thing I have to ask you is what to call you... He thought that I looked like nine and a half pounds of ground chuck, so he talked the nurses into a sign that said, "Meat" and put it in that little plastic slot on the crib, and move my crib to the center of the room and leave it there.Closer inspection revealed she was naked, and the bikini had been painted on. "Before I could answer a million flashbulbs suddenly exploded. I wasn't sure you'd remember.""Oh I remember."Cue much eyelash-fluttering, lip-trembling and bottom-wiggling. ""Oh definitely Piers, definitely."Then she giggled, grabbed a champagne flute and was led away to Hugh Hefner's private bedouin tent. He's 81, looks as fit as the proverbial fiddle, has a permanent smirk (as you would), and was surrounded by 20-year-old Playmates. Especially, an aide assured me, since Viagra came on the scene.We passed through into the main party area – and came across what I can only describe as a scene that even Caligula might have balked at: hundreds of naked or semi-naked girls parading around inside a giant marquee. These girls know how to party, if you know what I mean…" I knew what he meant, all right. Miss Paris Hilton had arrived, and was standing two yards away with her sister Nicky. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe without the talent. I went to the "rest room", and discovered that they were unisex. " she shrieked, as I realised there were no locks on the doors.

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Mens 24-årige Kevin Magnussen som bekendt kører Formel 1 for Haas, så har 25-årige Müller i både 2014, 2015, 2016 og 2017 kørt med i Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters bedre kendt som DTM.