Problems updating adobe flash player firefox

Posted by / 05-Mar-2018 18:58

If there are any log lines that begin with "Delete on Reboot..." then you'll need to reboot BEFORE running the Flash Player installer again." Step 5: Adobe's Flash Player uninstaller is limited in a few ways.

For one, it does not deal with portable versions of Firefox (see ).

I say "browsers" because this needs to be done in each installed Web browser.Examples of problem updates are KB2864202 and KB2685811.A second problem is that the Windows Update procedure can take a long time — many, many hours — to install updates to the tool to remove malicious software.Here is what Adobe says about this: "Internet Explorer users may have to reboot to clear all uninstalled Flash Player Active X control files.If you're not certain, select the "Show Details" button in the Flash Player uninstaller.

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