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They will only have the potential to enhance that attraction if we already feel it. We strongly prefer to find partners who have more than high school degrees, have serious work ethics and have dreams of their own that they aspire to achieve.

These qualities matter to us because we know on a fundamental level that we will connect more with women who are well rounded, have a high intelligence level and independently have goals of their own.

There will always be men, regardless of how much the times change, who hold up the male chauvinism glory days of the 1950s as the golden social model.

With that said, for the most part, men are not intimated by strong and successful women.

For years, my single friends and I consoled one another after breakups or blow-offs by employing reductive reasoning, repeating a misinformed, yet token girl power refrain: "He's probably just intimidated by you -- you're strong, smart and successful -- and that scares him." In the twenty-first century, women have come a long way.

Obviously, all men are different, and to generalize an entire gender would be wrong.Some people opine that men are less attracted to a woman who is on an equal or higher level when it comes to matters of the pocketbook or education, and that a successful woman should dumb herself down to get a man.My time in the world of dating and relationships, both personally (as a former serial dater) and professionally (as a columnist, host and now a dating coach), has taught me that these conclusions, for the most part, are fallacies, the aforementioned girl-power refrain a line women repeat when they don't want to tell each other or themselves to look inward or at their dating behaviors or their choices in men.It is a whole different matter to defiantly as if you don't need men.Not being reliant on a man is a positive movement for women in today's society.

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By 2025, more than half the primary breadwinners in America will be women.

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