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Scavengerhuntdating com

Outside of Ricky’s, I used the shelter of a phone booth as my own personal tattoo parlor.

Unfortunately, the mom tattoo didn’t take and I had wasted both time and money as Lea checked more items off her list.

They’re filled with surprises, you have to piece together clues and at the end of it, you usually hope to win a prize. This scavenger hunt was unlike any I had ever been on because the prize at the end was finding out who my date was for the day.She assured me that she wasn’t ugly and I agreed to her proposition quickly.I was looking forward to having a date planned by someone else and the mystery of it all was more than intriguing.I was sure they were in some kind of order, so I looked at the negatives to get them right without really taking much stock in their content. I knew I could find “a RIDICULOUS pair of glasses” in the Rite Aid and I could get a Snapple there too, both things on the list.For the the sake of story though, let’s start at the beginning. In the back of the store, I found some funny glasses, took mine off, put those on and snapped a picture. Realizing that Raphael could be my stranger for the picture I had to take with a stranger, I searched throughout the store for him.

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At this point, I was really racing to collect as many checkmarks as possible.

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