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Herman was credentialed as a “player’s spouse” this weekend, per

“Opening doors for people is generally considered a nice thing to do in our society, so it may not even be a gender issue,” she says.“But eventually, I was able to tell him I did it because I believed in gender equality in dating, even with small things like opening doors for one another.” You’ve just started seeing a guy, and you’ve noticed that he gets really annoyed when you don’t text him all the time, but he doesn’t think he has to do the same thing in return. Joy thinks you should try to avoid these types of guys altogether if possible, but she knows that’s easier said than done.“I’ve dated a couple of guys who seemed totally chill and normal when we started dating but got really controlling about certain aspects of the relationship later on,” she says.How do you let him know that you’re not in this relationship to play housewife?Jane*, a senior at the University of Florida, started dating a guy named Eric*, who seemed really nice at first but eventually proved to just want someone to care for him.

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Lucy*, a junior at New York University, recommends trying to open the door for a guy as much as he opens it for you.

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