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For details of manuscripts described in our printed catalogues, please consult our guide Guide to Printed Arabic Manuscript Catalogues.

A selection of our scientific manuscripts are currently being digitised as part of a joint project with Qatar Foundation, the Qatar National Library and The British Library. You can find also images relating to Arabic material in the British Library Images Online.

To locate individual Arabic manuscripts you will need to consult our catalogues.Thanks Raymond, the problem was occuring with the user dateformat option selected.Although I think you're right it is an encoding issue.I have translated the file into Arabic but this doesn't contain the month names. Hi Nicola,does this problem also occur when the user dateformat option is picked?On the certificate the month is displaying incorrectly as square characters (please see attached file). All other options seem to be fixed english date formats (hardcoded in the type definitions.)Maybe changing the line: cert_printtext( ... , utf8_encode($certificatedate));in the file mod/certificate/type/unicode_landscape/might work. I had some problems with umlaut characters in some text bits that are displayed correctly after this trick.

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