Secretary cam

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Secretary cam

The use of LRAD is prohibited in other countries as it may cause permanent deafness, vomiting, and sometimes, death especially during prolonged exposure.“An expert estimates that 137 to 140 decibels, the seconds they had used it and ironically and very unfortunate.

Maximum tolerance is up to what point he [commander] can tolerate and at what point he sees the barrier should not be breached,” said the NCRPO chief.

Based on the travel history that Cam was able to obtain, Kerwin traveled to Phuket, Thailand from Malaysia on July 3 this year.

Then, he left Thailand and headed for Abu Dhabi on July 14 where he stayed for five days.

This bird’s forward-looking eyes and large, hooked beak are clues to what it eats—it’s a hunter!

A secretary bird’s long legs help it move through tall grass in search of food.

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— Grace Casin | UNTV News & Rescue MANILA, Philippines — Leftist lawmakers in the Lower House of Congress seek a probe on whether or not the use of a long-range acoustic device or LRAD by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to disperse protesters is reasonable.