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Sex addict chatzone

Here's another freaky handy tool for the true 21st century urban survivalist: the chaser."Take the chaser right when you start drinking and you will not feel hang over the day after.

The final product was packaged and shipped across the planet. You should rather screw a tree then make love to a woman.... Getting yourself close to such is like putting your head in a dirty toiled. Vaginas are like dead fish and suited to perverted people.Now, we should stop and think: How is a poor teenager shaken by a martini of hormones is going to take this? Man eating bugs -- hups, that's a killer Tits -- good!! Somebody somewhere in America, most likely in the Midwest, after liberating himself from the load generated by several 99c cheeseburgers, our subject found himself in front of a very dull roll of very white toilet paper. Yes it was big and bulky and would not have found space in most bathrooms but it was enough to get him a patent. He applied for a patent, a process that involves tens of human beings, some with higher education, working in a big building where all these ideas were evaluated and stored in paper form. The human was now off looking for a company willing to work on the prototype, reduce it in size and make it a marketable product. Hang tight fellow travelers and soon we'll see the following advertisement: Tomorrow, on HBO, from the same people that brought you greatest hits like: "don't touch yourself or you'll get blind" and "have sex and you will suffer for eternity", a new show.... (if they let you) Many questions about the economical and social state of our times can be raised by objects like this one.

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I just remembered a freaky fact I came to know a few years back. America girls are getting their first period earlier then ever.