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Sex dating in yorktown arkansas

The 2011 median household income of ,006 was the fifth highest in New York (after Nassau, Putnam, Suffolk, and Rockland counties) and the 47th highest in the United States.Westchester County ranks second in the state after New York County for median income per person, with a higher concentration of incomes in smaller households.

They called the region Lenapehoking, which consisted of the area around and between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers.At the time it included present day Bronx County, and abutted then-Dutchess County to the north.By 1775, Westchester was the richest and most populous county in the colony of New York.Westchester County is one of the centrally located counties within the New York metropolitan area.The county is positioned with New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, and Long Island Sound to its south; Putnam County to its north; Fairfield County, Connecticut to its east; and Rockland County and Bergen County, New Jersey across the Hudson River to the west.

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