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Sickofdating com

I honestly felt a tinge of embarrassment and uncertainty about it too, largely thanks to pop culture connotations (ahem, “Fiddler on the Roof” and Patti Stanger of “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”) But after seven solid years of dating, it’s not too hard to feel like you’ve exhausted your options. Once you’re accepted, however, you’re forever in their “love sphere” meaning that if they come across a guy that could be a good match for you two years down the line, they’ll give you a call.My introduction into the matchmaking world came via Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking, a service based in New York City run by mother-daughter duo Janis and Carly Spindel, both of whom have pretty impressive stats to boast about when it comes to getting people together. Carly attests to having over 57,000 women in her database in more than 32 cities.I got to work on making those new photos happen the next day, and begged my office’s in-house photographer to snap some more flattering pictures of me (a perk of working at a media company, I know).

She jokes that her matchmaking service basically runs what could be Cupid’s Wall Street office, speaking to the number of investment bankers that have crossed her desk over the years.

“The male clients are CEOs, politicians, attorneys, bankers, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs.

You name the industry, and I’m sure there’s a client who’s there.” At the meet and greet that night, we talked through a variety of topics from children to careers.

“Women come to us as members as another way of being proactive with their love life,” Carly shared.

“They’re busy and they don’t have time to look for Mr.

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And so began one of the strangest, most intense, and all-around emotionally consuming periods of my dating life so far. The women that the Spindels accept must fit the “4 B’s” criteria, they say—beauty, brains, body, and balance.

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  1. That said, on the back of the furore surrounding cougar dating there’s been a massive explosion of questionable dating sites, each masquerading as the best place for older women and younger men to meet. Attractive World members have bona fide intentions and expect the same standards from the singles they’re looking to meet.