Sitting in a tree dating service

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Sitting in a tree dating service

The retail industry is in a constant state of flux and Shannon grew tired of moving for work as retailer consolidated and merged.

While walking around a golf course in Brookhaven, Georgia trying to decide her career direction, she came across a lost dog.

Shannon met her husband when she was out with a client.

Her client said, “There is the man you are going to marry”.

It was here that Shannon decided to start her career in per sitting.

To get started, from Trello’s menu on the top right, select Power-Ups, scroll all the way down and select Zeplin.

Enable the Power-Up and click the Settings icon to connect your Zeplin account or your Zeplin organization to Trello.

Shannon is still currently very involved with her businesses on a daily basis.

Her priorities are her family and taking care of her clients and sitters.

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