Sql server trigger if updating 2 doves bahai dating site

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Sql server trigger if updating

Data after insert as /* Some code */ declare @ID int set @ID = (select ID from inserted) /* Some code */ And there is another consequence of statement-level nature of triggers.

They fire even if DML statement did not modify any rows.

While that is a true statement, it ignores the fact that "their update" that is being honored is not, in any way, required to be the particular update you are wanting.

Please see my answer for explanation as well as info on how to accomplish what you are wanting to do :-).

I need to create a SQL Server trigger that will execute when a column value is updated to a specific value. In this tip, we show you how to write T-SQL statements that will create a SQL Server trigger that will execute after we update a column value to a specific value.

In the image below we see where we create our example table named tbl Trigger Test with a primary key column named pk ID, a date column named Order Approval Date Time and a varchar column named Order Status.

And @@ROWCOUNT=' convert(varchar(10),@@rowcount) insert into dbo. Audit(Message) values(@Msg); end should be the second action trigger does.For example, if update statement modified 10 rows, create table dbo.Data ( ID int not null, Value varchar(32) ) go create trigger trg Data_AI on dbo.In our second test, we will execute a T-SQL UPDATE statement to set the Order Status value to "Approved" for the second row in the table (pk ID = 2).After selecting all records in the table, notice how the Order Approval Date Time for the second row does not equal the Order Approval Date Time for the first row.

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Would it introduce any issues in the system or not depends on implementation.

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