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We’ve spent eight of those years married – the three months prior to our 2005 wedding was the sum total of our courtship.

So brief was our engagement that my ring wasn’t ready until I was pregnant with our first son.

On our second date we talked about having children together, but that only intensified the attraction for both of us.

I was won over by his absolute conviction in the things most important to him – fundamentally family and loyalty.

No matter how entranced I was, I’d have to quickly deduce whether we were likely to last the course.

In the preceding weeks, I had recklessly broken the dating rules and accepted a host of dinner invitations at short notice.

The truth is I had reached a stage when I could no longer repress my longing for children.

I had always wanted to be a mother, but was distracted by my career as an investigative journalist.

Living out of suitcases or in safe houses was incompatible with having children and I had to prove myself twice as hard in a male-dominated environment.

However, having initially felt deserted by fellow career women who took consecutive periods of maternity leave, I suddenly began to see that they’d got it right.

My simmering dream of motherhood ignited into a burning desire.

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I feel compelled to admit that our coming together wasn’t solely down to Cupid’s intervention.