Updating an older man wardrobe

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— fifth on this year’s list of Best Places — and not far from where Brown’s two adult children and four grandchildren live.

But in a predominantly two-bedroom neighborhood, you’d still be way ahead of the Joneses.” Cost: ,000 to ,000, since your project can range from a simple workaday bathroom and basic pole-and-shelf closet to a spa-style retreat with stone finishes and a bubbler tub for two, and a walk-in wardrobe outfitted with kitchen-quality cabinetry. Another possibility is to build a master suite over an attached garage.“A lot of people do this when the kids go off to college,” notes Indianapolis contractor Geoff Horen.Even if you can’t get by with fewer rooms, he says, you can make things right by replacing the lost sleeping quarters up in the attic.Happy with where you live but not so hot on your living space?Now might be the perfect time to address your abode’s architectural flaws.

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One of their suggestions may just turn a house you like — with reservations — into a home you love.

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