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Updating antivirus software

(It’s also hard to be sure that the malware has ever been completely removed.) Because of the on-access scanning, it isn’t usually necessary to run full-system scans.

If you download a virus to your computer, your antivirus program will notice immediately – you don’t have to manually initiate a scan first.

Kaspersky has accused Microsoft of disabling its anti-virus software on Windows PCs, and using its dominance to “fiercely promote” its own Windows Defender software.

Rob Lefferts, director of program management for Windows enterprise and security, lays out Microsoft’s defense in more than 1,300 words in a sprawling company blog post today.

Your antivirus software also does “heuristic” checking, checking programs for types of bad behavior that may indicate a new, unknown virus.

Antivirus programs also scan other types of files that can contain viruses.

A full system scan is helpful when you’ve just installed an antivirus program – it ensures there are no viruses lying dormant on your computer.That’s why it automatically downloads new, updated definition files – once a day or even more often.The definition files contain signatures for viruses and other malware that have been encountered in the wild.“We did this work in partnership with the AV partner to specify which versions of their software are compatible and where to direct customers after updating.” Kaspersky has also accused Microsoft of not providing enough time to fully test its latest versions of Windows 10 to ensure existing software is compatible.“We also know that Window customers value choice and that is why we actively engage with and support a community of over 80 independent software vendors through the Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) program,” says Lefferts.

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