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As the final part of the change to stop using port 5062 for Digium Phone configuration, Switchvox 6.4 no longer responds to requests on that port.The instructions detailed above are to facilitate a smooth transition for phones.October 10, 2017If upgrading to this firmware, note that SSL validation is ON by default for ALL c URL requests.If phone is expected to connect to a server using a privately-signed certificate, allow_insecure_ssl setting MUST be enabled before the connection will succeed, or the phone's configuration must have been loaded with the server's cert using the If upgrading to this firmware, note that SSL validation is ON by default for ALL c URL requests.So if a user needs a new password, they can handle that themselves.From the login page, a phone-user can request a Set Password URL be mailed to the email address on his or her Switchvox profile.The older voicemail numeric PIN is still used when entering a password on a phone’s keypad.

You can use the Bulk Modify Extensions tool if you want to force all phone-users to change their passwords on next login, and they'll be required to use a complex password.

All phones without a green icon or with older firmware should be Restarted and confirmed fully functional before beginning the update to 6.4. Please note that getting the current phone status and version number for a large number of phones may take up to 30 minutes after the update to the Switchvox server is complete.

After the update to 6.4, check the Phones Connection Status page again (allowing 30 minutes if you have a large number of phones).

I’ve done a few posts detailing many of the fun phone features for our traditional keyed phones, but we’ve not yet done one for a firmware feature release for the D80. First, let’s talk about how you get firmware 1.4.2.

If you’re using Asterisk and DPMA, you can download it today.

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This page contains information about installing the latest Nikon D80 driver downloads using the Nikon Driver Update Tool.