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Updating gps skoda amundsen

I was starting to find the maps on my RNS 510 were getting a bit out of date, after all I had never updated it since I purchased the car in 2009.

I also read that newer versions of firmware also provided additional features, bug fixes and performance improvements, obviously!

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You can get the download links from his site, but I’ll reproduce the links here, note that these links could go dead at any time: SW: 5238 Update by josi HW: C3-C12 part1 / part2 / part3 (452 MB) After downloading, I used 7-Zip to unzip and merge the three files together into a single ISO image.

An alternative is to try and download it from Bit Torrent, here’s a torrent file you can try (you will need to unzip it to extract the torrent file then use something like utorrent to process the torrent file and start the download).

So I started doing a lot of googling and reading and found a wealth of information spread all over the place about how to upgrade both the firmware and maps on the RNS 510.

So having successfully updated both the firmware and maps on my unit I thought I would write a guide to summarise, in one place, how I did it.

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The chap here makes some pretty bold claims about which version of firmware works with with hardware revision, and the forum is full of people asking in broken English if it will work with their unit.

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