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And as with any electronic device, heat represents wasted electricity, so that accounts for the terrible battery drain.

I'm not sure what sort of black magic Facebook used to hide Messenger's name from Android's battery menu and its list of juice-sucking apps, but that doesn't deter us from figuring out who's to blame.

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When I tried to report the crash problem, it says in the crash details that the com.facebook.katana of my phone is the problem.

Many Android users woke up on January 10 to discover that their phone's performance took a nosedive overnight.

You can also uninstall the apps straight from the Google Play Store, but be sure to disable automatic updates from the drop-down menu on the app's Play Store page as well.

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All of these issues seem to be originating from a server-side update to Facebook and Facebook Messenger that occurred silently in the background.

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