Updating regularly

Posted by / 06-Aug-2017 20:23

The installed Eclipse MUST be running with a Java 8 VM, otherwise Li Clipse may not show as being installed or you'll have errors such as: Unsupported Class Version Error: Some Class : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 at Class Loader.define Class Cond(Unknown Source) -- Note that the native Li Clipse installers ship by default with a VM, so, the installed java version shouldn't be a concern.

It's interesting to note that other plugins (such as JDT, CDT, etc.) may be installed regularly in Li Clipse using the provided update site for such plugins.There’s no possible way we have “ancient” drivers from 2006 installed.If you try to update your drivers, you’re told that the installed drivers “can cause problems, system slowdowns and bluescreen errors.” This is technically true, but very unlikely.Note that for Mac OS 32 bits, the install must be done using the provided update site using a base Eclipse install.In this case, it's recommended to download the Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary from -- or a different Eclipse based bundle from your choice -- and install Li Clipse as a plugin using the provided update site.

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The recommended way of using Li Clipse is by downloading the native installer for your platform, which provides a pre-configured standalone for Windows (32 bits or 64 bits), Mac OS (64 bits) or Linux (32 bits or 64 bits).