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The Xbox Live Terms of Use strictly forbid the online usage of a modified Xbox 360.

This includes any console considered able to facilitate cheating or network manipulation, preventing an enjoyable experience for other players.

Microsoft's in-house Xbox blogger, Major Nelson, said the upgraded console will contain suitable systems settings to allow you to partition your USB storage.

But he didn't say whether this process destroys all the data already on the external drive.

Good news for those pining for gaming's glory days of three years ago, or the really popular among you: The Xbox One has added 16-person party chat and the ability to buy Xbox 360 games in a firmware update today.

While those of you in the Xbox Preview program have already been enjoying those upgrades, there are also a couple of brand new features in today's update, like improved thumbstick precision on the Xbox Elite controller.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?There's a 2008 & 2011 version of the Optional Media Update.Download the 2011 version, it is 100% completely free -- I did not need a Silver or Gold membership to download it.I'm trying to play some files from which looks to me in HD content. So creating one is a simple as signing into your gamertag and pressing the Xbox button and choosing Join Xbox live.(If you don't do this, and create an Xbox live profile without being signed in, this will result in another profile seperate to your original.Also there are media streaming programs out there if you want to use third party programs like Tversity that will convert your files on the go to the Xbox's format. Then note that some file formats even with the optional media update will not play in the Xbox.

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A potential penalty for repeated occurrences of console bans or other violations of the Terms of Service is an account ban.

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