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Of course, there are many kinds of interior joinery.What’s in a Grand Banks trawler’s saloon will bear little resemblance to the saloon of a Hatteras convertible, for example.Go with a product your manufacturer recommends if possible, but otherwise you’ll find excellent, relatively inexpensive, linseed- or tung-based oils from Watco (), and others at hardware stores.Most experts advise applying the stuff with a polyfoam brush and then thoroughly rubbing it in with clean terry-cloth pads.If you are new to the field, you should be aware that the absolute basic minimum requirements for hire on a yacht crew is to be STCW ’95 Certified.

Update your boat and make it look like new again with our exclusive Max Makeovers.The STCW courses that are required to be updated are: In order to be applicable for refresher training, seafarers must provide their previous STCW certifications.Please note that all prerequisites for STCW training still exist, therefore in order to undertake Advanced Fire Fighting a seafarer must first have a valid STCW Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting certificate.We can replace, repair or upgrade anything or everything in your boat.We can update electronics and entertainment systems, repair and polish fiberglass, upgrade and repair interiors and even fix Eisenglass, vinyl, fabric and provide custom detailing.

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So if you’re thinking about upgrading your interior wood, or perhaps even hunkered down in the midst of a project, check out the following pointers: Right up front, what most experts suggest is disarmingly simple—clean the interior wood you want to upgrade with cotton rags and a spray bottle (the 32-ounce size works well) filled with water and a couple of tablespoons of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

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