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Validate certificate wireless validating identity

A nearby hacker can set up a fake wireless network and RADIUS server in the hopes of users connecting and trying to authenticate, which is one step required in the process of hacking the wireless network.Today we'll discuss server validation for 802.1X clients.Using 802.1X authentication for your network improves its security.On the wireless side, it enables use of the Enterprise mode of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2.

I tried every solution I could find on the net but nothing worked.

cheere Hadn't read all solutions so I apologize if I'm repeating someone but all I did was go back to Belkin router setup utility, or ( and clicked "wi fi protected setup".

Then, I selected disable at the "wi fi protected setup (wps)" option.

Then go to "authentification" tab and untick the box saying "Enable IEEE802.1x to the availiable network" and that should solve your problem Graham UK i've tried this one, but it didn't work with my laptop Just figured this one out my techy friends, after spending over 6 hours following all of your suggestions and nothing worked. As I did you may need to go into the properties of the rounter under the "Advanced" tab then under the "Wireless settings" remove the checkmark for "Enable Wi Fi" Then click on "Save Settings" This did fix the issue for me.

I decided to play with the driver, I uninstalled and then proceeded to install the driver and wallahh.... I have recently started having the Validation Identity problem.

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After this remove your router from preferred networks list. I had this problem on a laptop (lenovo) which i reinstalled xp on.

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