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Otherwise, changes to the available options are applied to all selected form fields.Sets the size of user-entered text or of the selection marker for radio buttons and check boxes.A validator can validate more than one field at a time.For example, you could create a custom validator called Name Validator to validate three input controls that represent a person’s first, middle, and last names.To create a validator that examines multiple fields, you can either define properties on the validator that let you specify the multiple input fields, as does the Flex Date Validator class, or you can require that the single item passed to the validator includes all of the fields to be validated.In the following example, you use a Name Validator that validates an item that contains three fields named as the validation listener.

Compressed data usually requires less storage space in the barcode, allowing more data to be stored.

Higher levels provide more redundancy and a more robust barcode that will generate more successful decode results.

However, higher levels will also result in a larger barcode and a reduced ability to encode user-supplied or form structure data into the barcode.

In general, select this option if you will use the Acrobat barcode forms decoder to interpret the returned data.

Do not select this option if you will use a handheld barcode scanner, because most of these cannot decode compressed data. For example, for a data cell that is twice as high as it is wide, enter 2.

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A more robust barcode can reduce problems created by pen marks, poor print quality, degradation caused by fax transmission, or folds in the document.