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Some of us just have a natural urge to be a hero of sorts.For some strange reason, if you're like me, you seem to be completely drawn to emotional vulnerability. It's almost as if the bond is formed over the weaknesses we share.

Especially since Feminism has championed single motherhood. It is easier to gain self awareness and be honest with yourself and make some difficult but worthwhile changes to your thought processes and perceptions, than it is to go on living with these White Knight ideologies and behaviors, constantly having them backfire on you, and continuing to blame outside forces and people for these events. but then has that controlling aspect underlying it...Dating sites are plum full of these people, nobody wants them. Wouldn't you rather goi for a walk than be a hamster in a wheel? During our 12 yrs together he kept looking for someone he could rescue and he found a couple, but they didn't stick..You might do better, and get a handle on how many of these people exist out in the real world, you might be surprised at what you find. No one is perfect anyway, there is no need to be offended and defensive. The article on the commonalities fit my Ex boyfriend to a T. every time he thought he found his victim, he would want to be free to date...We want the best for the people we love, even if they don't seem to want to want it for themselves.We see the good in people that they just can't seen to see for themselves.

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Our next post will introduce these white knight subtypes and the balanced rescuer.