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RR: I think women are the most beautiful things ever created.So of course I get the luxury of having the gorgeous Imani Hakim playing my girlfriend in the movie, but also I get the gorgeous Vivica Fox playing my mom. And we want everyone to say, I see myself in this film. Getting comfortable with dancing and stripping in the film: I think that anybody would be a little bit nervous or intimidated, so I got with a dance coach and just worked on overall body awareness and body movement.I grew up watching him on “Cousin Skeeter” and “One on One.” I think when he was on “One on One” I was on “Everybody Hates Chris,” which is weird because there’s an age gap there.So it’s funny that 10 years later I’m working with him.My character Michael, he’s flipping burgers, he’s willing to clean floors for his mom to keep her lights on.And we see him applying to go get a bartender job to take care of his mom.

It didn’t work out, I think due to scheduling conflicts, so Robert was cast.

She also studied at Alexander's Workshop School in Lakewood, California and at The Young Actor's Space in Burbank, California.

In theaters and On Demand May 22, “Chocolate City” takes viewers into the world of black male strippers.

And parting the curtain and walking out there, I realized that I’m a man and these are all women.

It’s like the same sense of I’m a lion and these are all gazelles.

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And going from “The Gabby Douglas Story” to “Chocolate City,” it’s a very different vibe. I was out and about and didn’t even really audition.

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