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Q: Did stories play a big part in your own childhood? Reading books and sharing stories in class and with friends really captures your imagination in such a different way.On top of that, I remember beautiful Xhosa folktales told to me by cousins and other family members, which I absolutely loved while growing up.The best part is that it usually happens at the end of the day, which is the perfect time for us to reconnect.Stories and weaving worlds is such an important part of both my and my husband’s lives and careers, so we’d love to pass that onto our child!Mahola’s Instagram is buzzing with pictures of the transformation and well you can clearly see that it’s a great one.

The protest sound begins as a roar, and turns into a song. And it is with song that Zolani tells her stories, and is able to create a space of harmony. Since last year, The Freshly Ground lead singer was posting updates of her belly and on one of her posts she wrote, “My husband and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our second child this coming February. The songbird, who took to social media to reveal that 40 weeks into her pregnancy she was ready to pop last week, shared the wonderful news on her Facebook on Monday. To kickstart Literacy Month, a host of celebrity ambassadors have lent their voices to Nal’ibali’s new multilingual storytelling competition, Story Bosso, which is calling on all in South Africa – children, parents and families – to read, tell and record their favourite stories.“While the competition aims to identify talented storytellers to recognise their talents and give them a platform from which to tell their stories, it’s also about sharing tips and techniques that can help make is one such celebrity, who has “donated” a story reading of her own in the hope of inspiring fellow South Africans to submit their stories too (watch her story here)!

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Freshly Ground songstress Zolani Mahola and her husband are expecting their second child.