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Choices include Arabic, Chinese (simplified or traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish to English, or English to any of those languages.

Click the Translate link at the bottom, and the translation appears in the bottom pane, as shown in Figure H.

Figure K shows the configuration dialog I just use mine to display computer uptime and storage information.

You can choose from three modes: normal (where all info is displayed on the desktop), compact (where only headers are displayed on the desktop or sidebar and details are shown in flyout windows), and compressed (where only a single icon is displayed on the desktop or sidebar and all info is displayed in a flyout window when you click it). Figure M shows the gadget in normal mode on the desktop.

Or you can click the globe icon and see the time difference and distance between your two locations, as well as their locations on a world map. They're very simple and straightforward; they just do what they say they do, and that's all. If I have someone's address but don't know the zip, I just type the address into this handy little gadget and click the Get Zip button to display the nine-digit zip code, as shown in Figure E. (Well, maybe not, with today's Vo IP lines that can go anywhere, but it's a start.) The interface is as simple as it could possibly be, as you can see in Figure F. Most of my gadgets help me get my work done, but a few are just for fun.

This last gadget has saved me much time and effort.

If you use Microsoft Office, you know that the Office Clipboard — unlike the one built into the OS — will hold more than one item at a time. How many times do you copy something to the Clipboard, then copy something else over it and wish you could go back and paste the previous bit of text?

This compact little Language Translator gadget uses the Google translator for translation between an amazing number of languages.

Just type the phrase you want to translate into the top box, then select the languages from the drop-down list.

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You don't have to do anything special to save something to it, either.

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