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Www fish dating

As while I certainly recommend many excellent fish foods in this article (as in the previous paragraph) as well as "pan" others, there are certainly many others that are not mentioned that might be excellent based on the ingredients along with any optimization of these ingredients as well as the order of the ingredients (it is noteworthy that all ingredients are listed in order of most to least).However the reader may also find out that what they may have considered a top notch fish food is not quite as good as they thought as per poor optimization of proteins, fiber, and especially energy levels which can cause renal failure or fatty liver disease over time.As well, too high a protein diet can cause issues, which is why a diet rich in slow to digest plant based material such as algae is essential (Spirulina is best), but low in certain proteins that require short intestinal tracts.Here is a quote from a Veterinary University article: Reference: This is not new to the hobby either, or even to fish foods, as I have been to pet nutrition seminars where it is pointed out that the ingredients are quality, but the optimization is lacking.Often what is pointed out in fad foods is their fish are growing and doing well, but in reality these fish are simply going through their life cycle fast, similar to Beef Cattle fed grains and high growth formulas to get them to market fast versus Cattle fed a slower but healthier growth "grass-fed" diet.

This is easily carried over to fish nutrition as well. In too high of a ratio, Omega 6 will create inflammation and oxidative stress which can lower disease resistance.

Regardless of whether the fish' diet is 100% prepared or prepared that is supplemented with live/frozen (which I have had test fish do very well in controlled tests on 100% prepared foods), you want to seek a fish food that has the lowest amount of supplementation as well as one that is optimized as per energy points, fiber, and proteins to make the food viable diet. Any prepared fish food that has to add vitamin, mineral, and other supplements to bring their food up to higher standards is obviously not providing these via optimal ingredients and/or is cooking them out via the preparation process (such as making flakes or pellets versus crumbles which destroys less of the nutrition value).

Admittedly even some of the better brands perform supplementation, but I still would seek a fish food that supplements as little as possible.

This article is primarily about prepared fish foods.

Near the end of this article I do discuss some live, frozen and freeze dried foods.

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