Xkcd curve dating

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Xkcd curve dating

The question therefore is not to analyze whether the Earth is able to support 10 billion people, as it most likely can, but if it can do it indefinitely. The capacity of an environment to support a species is called carrying capacity.In the context of ecology, the carrying capacity (K) is a theoretical concept, which represents the maximum number of individuals of a species that is capable of supporting ecosystem .

The question of whether or not overpopulation in the world is clearly debatable.

Especially with the industrial revolution energy costs soared and a strong increase of knowledge which subsequently led to the green revolution began, all of which produced an exponential growth of the human population.

This past success leads to much of humanity to think that future increases in knowledge and technology now can not imagine allow indefinitely increase the capacity , or at least we are far from a maximum load.

Javier holds a Ph D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has been a scientist for 30 years in molecular genetics and neurobiology.

He wrote a blog on macroeconomy and investments from a cyclic point of view for over two years and currently writes a blog in Spanish about the economic crisis, energy crisis and climate change at .

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Experiments in natural areas under management by government agencies show that populations are limited by the medium.