Xkcd curve dating

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Xkcd curve dating

See for example Hopfenberg 2003, Human Carrying Capacity Is Determined by Food Availability .

The factors leading to an increase in human carrying capacity are essentially : Historically the global carrying capacity of humanity has experienced a gradual increase, although there have been local collapses because the positive factors have predominated over the negative .

The question of whether or not overpopulation in the world is clearly debatable.An animal population may be below its carrying capacity in the spring after a hard winter, or temporarily above it during the winter, a situation that usually lasts a short time and that inevitably leads to a decline in population due to multiple natural limiting factors (eg mortality, disease, migration and decrease the rate of reproduction).The concept of carrying capacity also applies to human ecology .Javier holds a Ph D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has been a scientist for 30 years in molecular genetics and neurobiology.He wrote a blog on macroeconomy and investments from a cyclic point of view for over two years and currently writes a blog in Spanish about the economic crisis, energy crisis and climate change at .

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The study of human populations shows the recent evolution of their capacity.