Xp mapped network drives not updating adult dating sms text

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Xp mapped network drives not updating

That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply. If not, you might try one of the following options: - Visit search the knowledgebase and/or check all the other self support options and su...

Win XP Pro, Think Pad A31, Client 4.83 SP3, drive mappings disappear I have one computer, a Think Pad A31 with an integrated NIC, running XP Pro and Novell Client 4.83 SP3, and a single 4.11 server.

-- Edison Ortiz Novell Product Support Forum Sys Op (N..client and local Client drive mappingwe have ps 4.5 server running with the actual netware client.

ica client drive mapping works if we login workstation only.

Also wondering if anyone has had any problems or issues running clients on server 2003 or can provide any guidelines.

I am experiencing slow access to mapped drives and am wondering if this is related Cheers, Pls post in the client32 forum, thx. Was Windows installed from scratch, a custom image, or an OEM image? Can you verify if its security or any other driver-based...

On the download page I am noticing the clients for 2000/XP/98 etc...

After login, everything seems fine, but as soon as an app is opened over the network (such as our in house database), the connections are lost.

The drive letters are still visible, but when you select one, the client doesn't "see" the drive.

It automatically maps the first available network drive to the sys volume and it will override any login script map command that I have. I have tried re-installing the clients with every install option, but it will not map any drives for ANY client.

I have tried every client from 4.83 sp1 through the current beta.

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I have tried: Updating the client (I have avoided 4.9 because it runs extremely slow on our server, another issue entirely that I'm not prepared to attack at this time.) Updating NIC driv...