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Yankee dating

The Sales tax is added to the estimated price listed on the ticket, but because of the tax revenue act of 1928 no taxes were charged from 1929-1932.

The Estimated Price shown above the tax line is adjusted, so to total the face value set for that year.

Some backs with the same legal information might have a different color ticket stock, depending on the year it was printed..

The Printing company used and the location of the credit line can help confirm and identify the year the ticket is attributed to.

Grandstand tickets dated to 1948 and after have the team President's signature vertically below the stub's perforation. Topping can be seen on poorly torn stubs, ripped below the perforation. The Game numbers were circled from 1923 through 1925, and the later part of 1926.

(City Sales Tax did not appear on tickets until 1955) (State Tax did not appear on tickets until 1966) Once you have narrowed down the years your ticket is from based on the Price information, the series letter could be used to differentiate the years that have the same price information.

The series letter is located above the serial number, and below the game number from 1923-1939.

Below are sample of the different headers, Rain Check logos, and Game No. Header text includes: "Base Ball Club" from 1923-1929, Condensed to one word "Baseball" in 1930.

"New York Yankees INC" 1948-1953 "INC" is dropped in 1954.

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The Yankees logo was first used in 1946 but it was unique to that year, as it was refined the following year, in 1947.

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